Salary calculator 
Benchmark job titles & salary

The Salary Calculator lets users benchmark both job and salary criteria against data from an 'Annual Salary Survey'. Traditionally, the survey data was represented through country-specific reports and provided independent research material for students, journalists, employers and prospects to gather insight.

We approached the project with minimal functionality in mind that enables users to filter the survey data and customise salary values for a quick independent analysis.


Emotive charting

It is essential for users to see how their salary compares and if job satisfaction has any influence.

We designed emoji iconography to convey job satisfaction, combined with the salary average and range using standard charting conventions. The choice of chart type allows for easy comparison of salaries across all jobs, each with its own uniques job satisfaction score.

Industry average salaries


Personal salary benchmarking


The research tool

Filtering the survey data needed to use methods that are simple and familiar to the users, and like any other filter, there may be a variety of parameters involved.

We created a simple filter panel that updates the chart data in real-time depending on user persona, location, experience, age and salary submitted. The user can check the quality of the results by the number of respondents shown for reference. The higher the number of respondents, the more accurate the data.


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