The Coaching Manual
Football education platform

The Coaching Manual is an education platform that bridges the gap between professional and grassroots level coaching.

Working closely with the Coaching Manual to evolve upon their initial brand concept and deliver a platform that supports creating, managing and sharing content.

Built from the ground up was a comprehensive coaching platform that allows collaborative learning to thrive. Users can organise content, plan seasons, create or download training sessions and even interact with professional coaches.


Sorting information into content groups

When a user enters the platform for the first time, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of content, especially when produced at a rapid rate.

We broke down the content into clear information groups and created a tone of voice that's familiar to football coaches and players.


Training ground

World-class coaching resources in one place. It's that simple.



Own your profile and share your passion for football with the world.



Learn from some of the greatest minds in the footballing world.


Coaches Corner

Build your knowledge and pass it on to your colleagues, players and supporters.


Club & Team Management 

There are many types of learning methods, and one that The Coaching manual platform deploys the most is collaborative learning.

The Club and Team integration help make collaborative learning easier. Coaches can curate skill and article related content for their players as well as learning from professionals at other clubs.


Decoding content by skill 

A part of evolving the brand was to create a simple visual language that, when learned for the first time, made scanning and searching for content more convenient.

We developed a colour coding scheme, generated by an intelligent tagging system that shows how much of the content is made up of goalkeeping, defending, attacking or fundamental skills.


Organising & sharing content

When the user searches through the extensive catalogue of skill videos or articles, saving and organising content can be accessed anywhere on the platform.

Users can also share content within clubs and save it for later to further refine training plans and season schedules.


Help, hints and tips


Collection contens


Creating a new collection


Collection list view

Taking the knowledge to the field  

The preparation and research happens before the coach takes to the field. Being able to save printable PDFs notes for offline use is essential.

We helped build into The coaching manual a PDF generator that allows coaches to download all in-app content.


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