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Survey Dashboard

The GlobalWebIndex Pro Platform is an analytics software tool for agencies, brands and publishers to gather insight into consumer behaviour for marketing.

With an already established software and client base, we worked closely with the GlobalWebIndex team to define and design a new feature and enhance the platform, along with the brand.


Identifying new opportunities

GlobalWebIndex's pro platform had great features for in-depth analysis but lacked a simple reporting function.

After some initial workshops, we identified by adding a dashboard module to the software that is easy to use and discover data, we could help mitigate some user pain points.

The dashboard feature aimed to help simplify analysing high-level insights on a daily basis and improve GlobalWebIndex's client base.


Matching charts to data

Our biggest challenge was to identify the appropriate chart types that best communicate the data metrics. Not only are the data metrics driven by the value type (number or percentage), the chart can also reveal insight from an initial hypothesis. How the GlobalWebIndex's clients read the chart is essential for which the insight can be used to inform business-related decisions.

For example, the `Index` data metric is best displayed using distance to show how more or less likely the target audience is from the global average. Other data metrics display percentages, scales and distribution.


Percent distribution


Time waves


Diverging average


Universe scale


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Comparing audiences

There is usually more than one target audience, and in some cases, it's useful to compare them.

We created a new colour palette that didn't conflict with GlobalWebIndex's core brand palette, differentiating them, so they have meaning in the charting context. The colours are then randomly assigned to an audience and applied to all chart types. The colour coding makes it easy to scan the dashboard and compare audiences.

Primary charting palette


Audience charting palette


Single audience applied


Multiple audience applied


Customising the dashboard

The GlobalWebIndex needed a simple, intuitive way to build curated dashboards for their clients.

Already knowing their data inside-out the GlobalWebIndex can easily link each widget to a dataset, then select the appropriate chart type.

Breaking down the customisation into small steps ensured a quick and efficient dashboard building experience. Each step is dependent on the last, displaying only relevant options.

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